CITYTV are an advertising-free, profit-free and independent local TV station and association. We publish TV programs for the Greater Copenhagen area and via social media. The TV station is supported by The Danish Agency for Culture and Palaces.

We focus on help for immigrant women, CV and the job area, culture, sports and families and children who are otherwise isolated from the Danish system. The association is run by a board of directors and volunteers in the Copenhagen area.

We are the first TV Channel to focus on linguistically disabled citizens. Most of the women who participate in City TV, both Danish and ethnic, have little or no education or work experience and many have psychological and health issues. We often propose a company internship as a way to gain a first knowledge of the Danish labor market and which may arouse interest in new disciplines. We seek to debunk the negative ideas about active working life. We seek to identify the problems that hinder active integration for women and their families. Many of the women are socially isolated and are often solely responsible for children and family.

CityTV will broadcast programs about women and parenting by connecting with relevant professionals. These include public services, voluntary counselling in psychology, child psychology, law, job search and couples therapy. In other words, places where it is already recognized difficult for women to turn. CityTV acknowledges that the children of many immigrant families become unemployed and criminals as a result of excessive cultural differences between parents and children. This can most often be reflected in the parents’ lack of will and acceptance for a new culture, sociology, psychology in relation to social heritage.

Women are helped to participate in and create new networks by introducing them to e.g. voluntary associations and offers in their local area such as free legal aid, free psychological help, couples therapy, CV production, daily CV broadcasts, job search help, company internships, sports clubs for children and the elderly, as well as places for immigrant women who help to provide a structure on everyday life, etc. This is also called integration.

The board 25/02/2021:

  1. Board Member Liset Christiansen, Bygmestervej 51, st. 2400 Kbh. NV, tlf.: 60582848, e-mail:
  2. Board Member Guadalupe Del Socorro Hernandez, Hedemøllevænget 21, 4000 Roskilde, tlf.: 29770014, e-mail:
  3. Board Member Emma Villarreal Balcazar, Kongelysvej 13, st. tv., Gentofte, tlf.: 42524234, e-mail:
  4. Board Member Modesta De La Caridad Petersen, P. Knudsensgade 86 st. th., 2450 København S. tlf.: 25127756, e-mail:
  5. Board Member Constanza Svensson Guevara, Agerskovvej 4G, 1.2610 Rødovre, tlf.: 28385362, e-mail:
  6. Board Member Mauricio Lopez, Nørrebrogade 206,, 2200 Kbh. N, tlf.: 21309056, e-mail:
  7. Board Member Peter Andersen, Vodroffs Tværvej 3E, 6.4, 1909 Frederiksberg, tlf.: 31980007, e-mail:
  8. Board Member Stephen King, Snogegårdsvej 8D, st. tv. 2820 Gentofte, tlf.: 71413135, e-mail:
  9. Vice Chairman Henning Sand Sørensen, Ringstedvej 19, 4171 Glumsø, tlf.: 28261366, e-mail:
  10. Chairman Michael Rasmussen, Fruebjergvej 3, tlf.: 91860057, e-mail:

Any citizen in the Copenhagen Area can search to be included in our board. We would appreciate a background as a foreigner. Send a CV to our chairman: – then the board will decide and send you an answer.